Miss Molly's Submissive Life

Some of my favourite naughty stories of my life with Master as well as a few of insights into the life of a submissive.

I'm horny.....

Finally he gave me what I needed…I’d been as horny as hell for him!

It had been a few days since he’d allowed me to cum and I was desperately needing to feel his cock inside me.He made me wait that night, he wasn’t suppose to like my mouth and tongue rolling around his cock so much that he came so unexpectedly…..
I was preparing him for me, getting him ready to want and desire me so much that he couldn’t take it anymore that he’d want to throw me up against the wall and thrust himself into my wet and hungry pussy…..but then he filled my mouth with the explosion of his cum…he couldn’t take the glorious sensation of my mouth and tongue anymore and had to fill my mouth with the taste of him.
As I swallowed every last drop, I was left hanging, saturating wet and pulsating needing to have him inside me, and to allow me to cum…..but I had to wait another night.

I woke next morning on the edge begging him to take me and let me cum….he kept telling me “No…you will wait until tonight” but I had to play with myself right there in front of him. My fingers enticed my wet and waiting clit and pussy, the more I played, the more horny and desperate I became. He whispered in my ear telling me I was a good girl, I was his girl, no one else's…he was reminding me I belong to him, my cums belong to him and I will only cum when he allows and tells me to do so..

His kisses on my lips and breath on my neck make me enter myself with my fingers tips…I begged him “please can I cum Master?”, again he said no, I had to wait. I was about to explode and stop when he told me “yes, cum for me now”, without thinking my body responded and I finally squirted my cum all over my hand, a release of sweet glory leaving me wanting more! Over and over again, he allowed me to cum, but only the first two using my fingers, after that each and every cum happened at the sound of his voice, on his demand, without anything being anywhere near my body or pussy…the training and control has paid off, he can make me cum without any touch he simply uses his voice and commands me to cum or uses his secret touch and my body responds automatically and instantly. It makes me want him even more!

I begged for his cock, I wanted him, I wanted his control, his demands, he kept telling me no, I couldn’t take it anymore after five cums, I straddled him. Teasing the head of his cock at the entrance of my pussy he told me No, I had to wait. I didn’t expect him to finally take my hips and thrust his hard cock deep inside me making me feel sexy beyond belief, with one stroke inside me I was about to cum but he stopped me, I only cum when I am told.

I rode him him with such urgency and want, wanting him to cum, to show me how much he liked it. He kept telling me No, he wouldn’t allow himself to cum. He looked at me with those demanding dominating eyes and demanded I take my position against the wall with my arse facing him, hands reaching high above my head, standing on my toes….he grabbed me, taking me from behind allowing to cum over and over again…
He did not cum that morning, but he eventually did that night. His cums are my reward, they satisfy me, make me happy and make me want to please him even more, always…..

It’s taken ages to recount that incredible morning as I sit here on my chair, in the garage, watching him busy at his workbench with his cock out allowing me to stroke and suck him at anytime I choose too….I have already been prepared earlier, wrapped in rope while he measured how much he needs for my next exciting moment…he eventually wrapped string around both my nipples and tied it to my neck choker, so that each time I move I feel the tug and hardening of my nipples.

With one hand on his cock and my iPad on my lap, I reach over, grab him and suck him till he’s hard, tasting his pre-cum juices, I then come back to writing this…..bring on the night because I’m as horny as hell again….

Submission brings pleasure...

Being tied up brings anxiety, fear and excitement, makes me hungry for him yet scared at the same time, brings more orgasms, more pleasure, more satisfaction.......makes me face my fears of judgement, my fears of worthiness, my fears of beauty.....am I enough....am I all I want and need to be....am I enough for him.....do I want to be.... When tied up, or even now when I'm not tied up, when I am placed in 'submission mode' I have to let go of all my walls and bare all who I am, I open my legs, which opens my heart and I allow and welcome him to penetrate the deepest parts of me where no one has been or has taken me before...... The enticing quality of a warm, wet, welcoming pussy, the wetter she gets, the more I can take, the more I can handle, the more I want....the more I say yes...the less I think, the more I do...the wetter and hungrier for him he makes me, the more I am his completely..... I feel transformed into a sex goddess, he starts at my clitoris while teasing my nipples, warming me up to the main event..... He demands that I open and surrender to him, all my vulnerabilities, to fully let go with trust and to allow myself to experience all he has to offer.... I am left experiencing the most satisfying sexual experience. Leaving me glowing a radiant peace, confidence, beauty, softness....and trust.....trust that I am his, his one and only,....once he has taken me beyond my limits, challenged every corner of the boundaries I set for myself, he nurtures me, he cares for me, he baths me, he loves me like I am the only person in his world, the only thought on his mind, the only person in his heart.... For me to completely let go and allow all this to be, I have to trust.....on so many levels, in so many ways.....I have to feel it, know it and not be scared to do so.......

My Master is away, can the mouse play?

Seems like an easy enough question, seems like an easy enough answer….Sure, why not! Go ahead and play all you like. You enjoy it, you love it, turning yourself on and then bringing yourself to the edge of ecstasy then finally enjoying that release of all the stress and tension in your mind and body…..your fingers exploring and pleasing those spots that are yearning to be nurtured and satisfied….Why not? He’s away with work and not here to please you himself, go ahead……

But no, it’s not all of that anymore, it’s more than that. I’ve come a long way to learn and feel that bringing myself to the point of pleasure is nothing like having him be there to do it for me…..the answer is No. While my Master is away, the mouse can not play…..unless he says yes, you may.

In the early days, these moments were mine and mine alone. The sex was mind blowing, exciting and something to look forward to each and every day. And on the days we weren’t together, I’d take myself to a place for which only I knew, only I felt, and it brought me immense pleasure and relief. Not a day would go by that I was either being pleasured, or I would satisfy myself……..

Those days are gone, no longer my own, no longer just mine to enjoy…….these moments, are now his, but not his alone, they are mine, mine to share and entice him, to prepare and excite him on his arrival home where he knows I have been waiting for him to reward me for my patience as I prepared and readied myself for his taking……

The moment I feel him enter the room, every sensory nerve in my body is heightened as this body alone, belongs to him…..I eagerly await to feel his breathe on my skin knowing that the place for which he will take me tonight, is far beyond any place I could ever take myself…….

Taking my place kneeling before him, I await his command to explore my body in his presence….with his permission, I lie within centimetres of his body as my fingers find their place between my thighs, moistened by the tone of his voice in my ear. His whispered words lead me to intensified satisfaction not just once, but 15 times in total…..each time more intense than the other…all this before his skin even touches mine….

I am left experiencing the most incredible sexual experience that has left me glowing a radiant peace, confidence, beauty and softness….my legs apart, quivering with muscle fatigued…exhaustion overcomes my body yet my senses are heightened as he slowly caresses my skin, extending from my nipples to my clitoris and back again, preparing me for his time to take me…to enjoy me, and to allow me to make him cum…..


Girls, Guns, Motorcycles and Submission – Owned, Ridden and Banged……

Sounds like a typical title written by a man? Wrong, this blog is owned and written by a woman…..that’s right; a tall, slim, classy, late 30s year old brunette woman who is riding the life journey of all the title holds and is loving every bit of it.

Not a typical woman by any means, lives in the corporate world of executives and business, a smart intelligent brain on my shoulders…..however my life is one of mystery, excitement and adrenaline, accompanied by fear, uncertainty and learning the art of letting go of control while retaining my own personal power….

So how do I ride motorcycles, shoot guns, enjoy the search of exploring another women, all while being an intelligent smart independent woman, as well as being completely devoted and submissive to my Master? Attending to his every need, while having my own sexy horny needs met? It is all possible, it’s possible for one man to have it all, for every woman to be able to fulfil her Master’s needs and desires, not just sexually, but holistically maintaining a fulfilling and satisfying in-depth relationship that goes so much farther than the physical touch of sex and cumming…(however they are extremely mind-blowing & cock-blowing 😉 times) It comes with its challenges, excitement and fear…..and it’s this Blog where I’ll share my fun naughty life with you….

Join me as I share my journey of fulfilling all of my fun and fantasies, all my naughtiness and excitement, as piece-by-piece I reveal my true inner-self living the life of a devoted submissive………